Door Supply of Florida

LAMBTON DOORS manufactures high-quality interior wood doors and frames of standard and ecological types for the high-end residential, commercial, architectural and institutional markets.

LAMBTON DOORS manufactures fire-rated, STC, lead-lined and bullet-resistant products. Their standard products are always available, but 1998 marked the beginning of a new green revolution that has seen the company thrive. Today, all of their manufacturing procedures, from waste-treatment in the factory to putting the finishing touches on the product, are designed to respect the environment and to be in harmony with nature. Several of their products, such as the EnviroDesignTM Series with No-Urea Formaldehyde, contribute to the accumulation of points for projects in different categories leading up to a LEED® certification.

Door Supply of Florida has undertaken numerous projects throughout North America as well as internationally. We offer a vast choice of doors and frames for various types of construction: government and military buildings, head offices, sports complexes, hospitals, hotels, condominiums and offices, schools, colleges, universities, banks and courthouses. We also offer a range of products for the high-end residential market.

LAMBTON DOORS  has set up a rigorous system of standardization and control of its manufacturing procedures; they offer doors of maximum endurance exclusively since the frame is entirely bonded to the core; their doors are perfectly calibrated; and they use only composite wood such as laminated wood fiber. This explains why all of their products are guaranteed for life, regardless of the door structure.